Ensuring your contractor possesses a combination of key attributes can go a long way toward making construction an enjoyable part of your building program." - Executive Magazine.


The three primary objectives during the Construction stage are to complete the construction design documents, facilitate subcontractor bidding, and to safely complete a quality facility.

Our Construction Process Includes:

  • Construction Documents - Develop the complete set of building plans.
  • State & Local Permitting - Secure all required state & local building permits.
  • Final Subcontractor Bidding - "Open Book" bidding with all qualified subcontractors - 100% of all Savings are given back to YOU!!!
  • Construction TQM - Total Quality Management System: Every step of the project is quality controlled.
  • Full Time Supervision - A full time, T&W project superintendent will be assigned to and focused on your project.
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings - Every two weeks a progress meeting will be held at your project site.
  • Building Warranty - A Two-Year "bumper to bumper" warranty is supplied on every T&W project.
  • Building Dedication - A comprehensive Operation and Maintenance walk-thru and manual is supplied on every T&W project.