The Real Scoop on Pre-Engineered Buildings

Posted on August 25, 2015
"Expand your business for 50% of the cost of conventional..." We've all heard the radio ads promoting steel buildings that can be built at half the cost and in half the time. What a concept! But is it true? These ads are placed by brokers who don't manufacture products, don't design facilities, don't provide the necessary documents for permitting and, best of all, they don't even build buildings!
While pre-engineered metal buildings are an important aspect of many construction projects (accounting for more than 50% of non-residential construction each year), they aren't suited for every application, nor do they cut total project costs by 50%. Careful planning will look to the advantages of pre-engineered buildings and base structural selection on the facts. For many projects, particularly low-rise commercial and industrial buildings requiring long, clear spans, pre-engineered buildings are the system of choice for best value, quickest construction and long-term value.
T&W Corporation has constructed lots of pre-engineered steel buildings over the last 20 years. We've built steel buildings for industrial environmental, warehousing, manufacturing and retail applications.  We‘ve built small storage buildings and we've built very large manufacturing buildings.
T&W Corporation is a dealer for American Buildings Company – A Nucor Company, one of the largest and most respected of the pre-engineered building manufacturers. Our relationship allows us to draw on all their resources for the engineering and design of any type of facility. Each American Building Company building is designed to meet the specific needs of the client as well as the building codes for the local area.
Steel buildings aren't just big metal boxes--they can be adapted to any shape or size. Walls can be steel, masonry, stucco, concrete tilt-up, glass, or any combination of these materials. The American standing seam 360 roof system is one of the finest standing seam roof systems, offering up to 20-year weathertightness warranties.
If you're planning a new facility and get anxious after hearing one of those radio ads, call us. You won't get any nonsense about half-price buildings, but you will get common sense advice on how to get the best value for your budget.

Doug Beamer, LEED AP, has over 15 years in Design/Build and will guide you through the various stages of Planning, Designing and Building your new facility.  T&W Commercial is a Design/Build firm who partners with architects and engineers that specialize in specific industries and jurisdictions of Central Indiana.  Doug can be reached at