Blind Spots

Posted on March 21, 2019
Has someone ever pointed out one of your blind spots? We’re talking about the thing you perpetually do or don’t do without even knowing it…yet everyone around you is talking about it. That thing.

Because we all know there are blind spots in our every day interactions, T&W takes the time to survey our customers throughout the entire process of planning, designing and constructing your facility. Our goal is to continuously refine how we deliver projects. We want to know how we are performing for the customer, where we need improvement and how we can improve…and then we fix our blind spots.

Through this process we also learn what is most important to our customers.
Things like:
  • Having a top-notch team
  • Being transparent and letting customers see all of the bids
  • Guaranteeing a price
These are qualities and promises that are unique to T&W. Surveys paint a picture of our performance and potential blind spots but more importantly, the relationship and transparency that we share with our customers is the foundation to an impactful project for all.
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